Blue Ocean Vessel Maintenance offer a comprehensive array of marine services for the boating industry. Our aim is to keep your vessel ship-shape and our customers afloat. We can tailor a package to suit your boating requirements; encompassing detailing, mechanical inspections or pre-purchases, leaving our customers with a stress-free experience on the water.


Blue Ocean Vessel Maintenance offer a unique range of marine products for the boat enthusiast including Dulon kit packs, glass cleaners and protectants. Dulon is a two component polish system that leaves a protective membrane on gel coat and painted surfaces. Dulon will outlast all polishes currently on the market and is guaranteed 100% biodegradable, water-based and safe for users and the environment.


Blue Ocean Vessel Maintenance is a dependable marine business with over a decade of hands-on knowledge and experience in the marine industry. Our vision is to provide vessel owners sound marine advice to ensure marine enthusiasts, like us, enjoy this beautiful past time as much as we do. We place a large emphasis on environmentally-friendly products and services. Working with one of the harshest environments in the world (salt water) has assisted us in adopting a “prevention is better than cure” attitude.


At Blue Ocean Vessel Maintenance your safety on the water is paramount.
Which is why we only stock, use and sell products we guarantee you can depend on at sea!!


After many years of being on the water and involved with marine industries, the team at BOVM has passion, knowledge, expertise and experience in many aspects of the marine lifestyle and culture. We have an immense amount of respect for the ocean and the lifestyle. We are continually excited about new products and equipment which continue to hit our shores. We endeavour to learn, understand and implement new technics, products and equipment that will continue to allow our customers to be up to date with the latest trends.


Here at BOVM our goal is to provide top quality service and products you will not only enjoy but you will feel safe with.
We want to assist you, your families and friends in creating those great memories of safe, fun filled days on the water!